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Data Analysis for Scientific Research

Human Rights and Statistics: Getting the Record Straight
Statistics and Human Rights
A human rights statistician finds truth in numbers


My name is York Hilger. I live in southern Germany where I am an independent statistical consultant for computer data processing and statistical analysis. As a mathematics student at the University of Freiburg more than 25 years ago I became acquainted with the many practical problems of statistics.

I recognized the need for someone who could bridge the gap between the principles of theoretical mathematics and real-life problems, real data, real people...

Over the years I had the opportunity to help researchers of very different areas to apply the principles of mathematical statistics to real life problems.

I am a member of the Basel Biometric Section of the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society

I have completed contracts for:

My work emphasis in recent years has been in the area of pharmacological industry in Germany and Switzerland.

Details of advising and support

Our service is directed toward researchers in all areas, in particular psychological, educational, social, medical scientists, who need advising and assistance in the following areas:

Planning of the research

Statistical evaluation

Consulting Fee Rates

The hourly rate for consulting, data-analysis and explanation of results is Euro 120,00 (19,0% VAT included).


Just send your data with a description of the structure and an introduction into the topic of your research by e-mail to us. You will receive an estimation of costs for our services.

York Hilger · Institute for Statistical Consulting and Evaluation
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